CCN s18

Centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie

Visual identity for season 2018


Arts & culture


We are collaborating with Caen’s National Choreographic Centre in Normandy* for the 3rd consecutive year. For this new creation, we have worked alongside Photographer and CCN Companion Artist Mickaël Phelippeau. *The “Centre Chorégraphique national de Caen” in French, later referred to as the CCN.

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The CCN’s visual identity is further expanding around the concept of tearing, henceforth paired with photographic work.
Movement, the tearing action, is expressed through a relationship to space, a composition, and reveals its graphic potential, a controlled randomness from the paper substance.

Illustration of the project CCN s18

Movement conveyed by Fine-Art Photographer Mickaël Philippeau


Murmure asked the artist to transpose his vision of movement, then reprocessed the pictures by adding substance and colour saturation to confront them to all the tears.

Body and Movements: A game of construction and deconstruction

The relation to space: lightness and transparency

We have established a principle of analogy between substance and the moving body.

Understated, elegant and minimalistic layouts highlight the composition work

Illustration of the project CCN s18

An efficient and dynamic graphic principle

The new visual adapts perfectly to all communication media.

Illustration of the project CCN s18


Art Direction
Julien Alirol
Paul Ressencourt

Mickaël Phelippeau

Graphic Design
Guillaume Brindon

Project Management
Damien Bullet