Le Cargö s11

Le Cargö

Visual identity for season 11


Arts & culture


For the second con­sec­ut­ive year, the con­cert hall show­cas­ing the cur­rent music scene in Caen, Le Car­gö, has entrus­ted Murmure with design­ing its visu­al iden­tity. For the 2016–2017 sea­son, the sur­real graph­ic uni­verse draws inspir­a­tion from the fam­ous game Monu­ment Val­ley by play­ing on scen­ic and dream­like connotations.

Identity season 11

Le Car­gö is an open and fest­ive ven­ue. The pub­lic comes to listen to music, but also to train, rehearse or play. These vari­ous exper­i­ences the con­cert hall offers have brought Murmure to devel­op graph­ic uni­verses which are “Out of the box”, fun and off­beat in which these vari­ous facets are twis­ted and explored. 

Illustration of the project Le Cargö s11
Illustration of the project Le Cargö s11
Illustration of the project Le Cargö s11

Season 11.2

The warm and eleg­ant col­our range invites people to hit the water and have a “Pool Party”.

Illustration of the project Le Cargö s11

A graphic universe ranging between flat and gradient

This uni­verse is strengthened by a dis­crete sound sub­stance which adds depth. 


The com­pos­i­tion prin­ciple which was estab­lished while the Cargö’s iden­tity was being remod­elled, facil­it­ates macro games for cer­tain com­mu­nic­a­tion media. The range of vari­ations cre­ates a seri­al prin­ciple which ener­gises the advert­ising campaign.

Season 11.3

For the last quarter of the sea­son before the yearly sum­mer break, the “sher­bet” theme has been favoured with light and refresh­ing colours. 

Season 11.1

For this quarter, the deep and subtle col­our range is emphas­ised by a digit­al sub­stance in order to add a hint of elegance.


Art Direction
Julien Alirol
Paul Ressencourt

Graphic Design
Guillaume Brindon

Project Management
Damien Bullet


  • Design & creation


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