P2N 17

Festival Papillons de Nuit

Visual identity and website of the 17th edition


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The Papil­lons de Nuit Fest­iv­al has renewed its trust in Murmure to design its visu­al iden­tity. A spe­cial request was made this year: to pay trib­ute to the Monterey Pop Fest­iv­al “Music, Love and Flowers”. 


  • Festival Awards — Meilleure Communication Web

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Col­lab­or­at­ing with the Fest­iv­al for its 3rd con­sec­ut­ive year, Murmure has played with those graph­ic shapes that were typ­ic­al in the 1980s and explored a new mater­i­al, one that is botan­ic­al and unex­pec­ted: Lichen.
Nat­ur­ally graph­ic, this organ­ic mat­ter used in black and white adds depth and high­lights curved shapes. Used flat, these shapes form a res­ol­utely con­tem­por­ary graph­ic pattern.

Through its nat­ur­al aes­thet­ic appeal, lichen per­fectly meets our semant­ic and graph­ic expectations. 

The creation of graphic shapes is a nod in the direction of lava lamps

Illustration of the project P2N 17

A minimalistic composition serving informational purposes

The 80s are back

Murmure has revamped and updated the graph­ic shapes and col­our palette seen through­out the 80s.

A flat tint system enables you to remove the graphic design from the content, which helps make it more legible

Merchandising matching the festival’s colours

An eleg­ant, effect­ive and mod­ern visu­al iden­tity that per­fectly meets the client’s brief both regard­ing their prin­ted and digit­al material. 

The website for the 17th annual event matches the visual identity the agency has set up

For 3 years now, we have developed, along­side the Papil­lons de Nuit fest­iv­al team, a cus­tom web­site based on the Word­Press CMS. We improve it every year by adding fea­tures that spe­cific­ally meet the festival’s needs. As always, we there­fore pay great atten­tion to optim­ising code qual­ity so that nav­ig­a­tion may be optim­al on mobile devices.

An optimal responsive version

On the user’s side, the num­ber of logins reaches its peak dur­ing the event. A large num­ber of fest­iv­al-goers look­up the web­site on their phone, which explains how import­ant the respons­ive ver­sion is.


Art Direction
Julien Alirol
Paul Ressencourt

Front-end Development
Guillaume Morisseau

Graphic Design
Guillaume Brindon

Project Management
Damien Bullet


  • Design & creation
  • Website & digital media