P2N 17

Festival Papillons de Nuit

Visual identity and website of the 17th edition


Arts & culture


The Papillons de Nuit Festival has renewed its trust in Murmure to design its visual identity. A special request was made this year: to pay tribute to the Monterey Pop Festival “Music, Love and Flowers”.


  • Festival Awards — Meilleure Communication Web

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Collaborating with the Festival for its 3rd consecutive year, Murmure has played with those graphic shapes that were typical in the 1980s and explored a new material, one that is botanical and unexpected: Lichen.
Naturally graphic, this organic matter used in black and white adds depth and highlights curved shapes. Used flat, these shapes form a resolutely contemporary graphic pattern.

Illustration of the project P2N 17

Through its natural aesthetic appeal, lichen perfectly meets our semantic and graphic expectations.

The creation of graphic shapes is a nod in the direction of lava lamps

Illustration of the project P2N 17

A minimalistic composition serving informational purposes

The 80s are back

Murmure has revamped and updated the graphic shapes and colour palette seen throughout the 80s.

A flat tint system enables you to remove the graphic design from the content, which helps make it more legible

Illustration of the project P2N 17

Merchandising matching the festival’s colours

An elegant, effective and modern visual identity that perfectly meets the client’s brief both regarding their printed and digital material.

The website for the 17th annual event matches the visual identity the agency has set up

For 3 years now, we have developed, alongside the Papillons de Nuit festival team, a custom website based on the WordPress CMS. We improve it every year by adding features that specifically meet the festival’s needs. As always, we therefore pay great attention to optimising code quality so that navigation may be optimal on mobile devices.

An optimal responsive version

On the user’s side, the number of logins reaches its peak during the event. A large number of festival-goers lookup the website on their phone, which explains how important the responsive version is.


Art Direction
Julien Alirol
Paul Ressencourt

Front-end Development
Guillaume Morisseau

Graphic Design
Guillaume Brindon

Project Management
Damien Bullet