Le Cargö s10

Le Cargö

Visual identity for season 10


Arts & culture


The Car­gö team asked the agency to work on a world that employs plastic mater­i­al in con­nec­tion with the site and its loc­a­tion. Le Car­gö is an icon­ic place in Caen; atyp­ic­al, it was one of the first build­ings to be built on the pen­in­sula, a former har­bor dis­trict which is now dis­used and today in full rehab­il­it­a­tion, par­tic­u­larly on a cul­tur­al level.


The agency has come up with a visu­al iden­tity which has been cre­ated using the tech­nique that involves the trans­fer of ceram­ic inks in the design of objects. Paint is dropped into water and spreads until you secure, by means of a well-con­trolled game of chance, the com­pos­i­tion and graph­ic abstrac­tion you wish. This mater­i­al that has been designed floats to the sur­face and is applied onto the paper by means of a trans­fer pro­cess. We then designed shapes from this sub­stance in order to enable us to clear spaces, gaps, and play on com­pos­i­tions which would prove favour­able to lay­ing out the line-up. In cer­tain areas, we incor­por­ated a res­ol­utely digit­al mater­i­al, a digit­al sound, which adds a con­tem­por­ary note and depth to all the vari­ous compositions.

Illustration of the project Le Cargö s10

Season 10.1

For the first quarter of the year, Sea­son 10.1, the agency took into account the wishes the Cargö’s com­mu­nic­a­tion team had for­mu­lated, mind­ful about renew­ing the con­cert hall’s image by rely­ing on the codes and archi­tec­tur­al notions that are so dis­tinct­ive of the site. We there­fore favoured sub­stances, with a play on col­ours. Around the cop­per pantone and its nat­ur­al com­ple­ment­ary col­our that is ver­di­gris, in its most elec­tric and cur­rent ver­sion, we have designed an iden­tity that is effi­cient and coher­ent, that mir­rors the image of the build­ing and the per­formers it welcomes.

Season 10.2

To announce the line-up of the second quarter, the sub­stance has changed and a new col­our is incor­por­ated into the composition.

Season 10.3

To advert­ise the spring quarter, our choice went towards warm col­ours fea­tur­ing an ever-mov­ing substance.


For each sea­son, a series of fly­ers accom­pan­ies the line-up release and offers a wealth of vari­ations, enough to reveal the over­all graph­ic world and boost the advert­ising cam­paign. The notion of col­lec­tion and series causes the public’s atten­tion to be fur­ther caught.


Art Direction
Julien Alirol
Paul Ressencourt

Graphic Design
Guillaume Brindon

Project Management
Damien Bullet