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Trempolino, the music campus and coaching platform in Nantes, has asked Murmure to fully revamp its image. This involved substantive work to be conducted both on printed and digital material, by starting with a renaming: using the Trempo nickname.

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The agency has come up with a logo that is closely related to the location’s architecture, which is so distinctive and naturally graphic: architecture which is contemporary and erected above a blockhouse. The new logo has been developed with a great many graphic variations that play on the inside of the upper block, held up by its solid base in which the logotype is included.

Illustration of the project Trempo

A logo which has been developed around the location’s architectural singularity

A contemporary extension held up by a historical base.

A high-performance and manageable website

The webdesign makes full use of the new visual identity and clearly display the consistency between printed material and digital material.

Illustration of the project Trempo

A custom secondary navigation system

Through a meticulous design process conducted while fully considering Trempo’s needs, we have created on certain pages, a secondary navigation system which serves as chaptering.

Synthesising & compromising

The website’s “responsive” versions accurately adapt to the rich content Trempo offers.


Playing on the graphic variations which were produced from minimalistic geometric shapes, the agency has designed a visual identity which is contrasting, elegant and accessible, rich and multidisciplinary while matching the structure.

Illustration of the project Trempo


An image underlining the use of the recommended nickname for this new design.

A contemporary and harmonious visual identity

Illustration of the project Trempo


Art Direction
Julien Alirol
Paul Ressencourt

Front-end Development
Guillaume Morisseau

Graphic Design
Guillaume Brindon

Project Management
Damien Bullet