Nördik 19

Nördik Impakt

Visual identity and website of the 19th edition


Arts & culture


For the Nördik Impakt’s 19th annual festival, the Arts Attack! Association has entrusted Murmure with its global communication strategy in view of the event’s 20th anniversary.


  • Awwwards — Honorable mention

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Murmure has developed an experimental concept around generative design, a new territory for digital and creative expression. The agency has set up a strong, electronic and elegant Artistic Direction which enables the overall marketing campaign to be directly generated in high definition.

Illustration of the project Nördik 19

A strong visual identity which is entirely code-generated

Generative design at the heart of communication

Collaborating with Brazilian Creative Developer Giulian Drimba, the agency has devised a digital graphic system: a custom-designed tool at the heart of graphic communication.

Music and digital art

The connection between electronic music and digital art thus becomes obvious and enables all communicative fields of action to be infiltrated.

Illustration of the project Nördik 19

An infinite number of randomly generated graphic creations


This interactive tool enables you to randomly create an infinite number of graphic creations. Used to its maximum extent, this tool will enable each person on the festival team to create their own visual.

A graphic charter guaranteeing global coherence

Illustration of the project Nördik 19

Street marketing & poster campaign

The graphic creations enable the event’s reception facilities and urban landscape to be adorned.

A rich visual identity that coherently adapts to all required communication media

A website which has been fully revamped to place graphic interactivity at the heart of the project

We have fully revamped the festival website in order to place an interactive experience at the heart of the browsing process.

Illustration of the project Nördik 19
Illustration of the project Nördik 19

Custom functionalities

The tree structure has been entirely reviewed in order to take into account both the expectations of festival-goers, to gain rapid access to practical information, and those of the festival team, for custom manageability.

High performance responsive design

Extra special attention was paid to the website’s mobile experience. As in previous years, the website is looked up more than 70% of the time on mobile devices during the festival. It therefore had to be interactive, high performance and efficient.

A dynamic, graphical and immersive announcement teaser

Upmarket and elegant merchandising

Illustration of the project Nördik 19


Art Direction
Julien Alirol
Paul Ressencourt

Front-end Development
Guillaume Morisseau

Creative Developer
Giulian Drimba

Graphic Design
Guillaume Brindon

Motion Design
Clément Protto

Project Management
Damien Bullet